About us

We are Barry and Yvonne French and originally hail from East Sussex where we were members of a private syndicate and enjoyed fishing venues in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. We also explored waters on the main continent ranging from French public waters, Belgian canals to a lake in Luxembourg before we started to fish the French "all in" kind of specimen carp lakes more regularly.


Combined we have over 70 years of experience fishing for carp across Europe and we wanted to combine our knowlegde, experience and enthusiasm for the sport of carp angling to create a truly unique "drive & survive" carp fishery.


Barry and Yve's Personal Best catches are:







Common carp: 54lb 8oz

Mirror Carp: 54 lb



Common carp: 25lb

Mirror Carp: 32lb 8oz


Common carp: 47lb 4oz

Mirror Carp: 42 lb



Common carp: 25lb

Mirror Carp: 32lb 4oz


We were introduced to this lake in February 2014 and work started on transforming it into a fishing holiday venue in November 2014.

It was drained and the edges were remodelled and islands added. It is now filled with water from the spring and the first tranche of fish was introduced in January 2015.

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