Catch Report 2016

April 2016 - A Dutch Super weekend


From the 16th until the 20th of April we had Wilco and Richard from the Netherlands fishing our lake on a Superweekend basis catching 3 lovely fish. Looking at their feedback they had a great few days enjoying Yve's home cooked food despite the fish not playing ball. See you next time guys as it was a pleasure having you over.

April 2016 - Bagging-up


From the 15th until the 18th of April we had a visit of 2 very experienced anglers from Hastings - England,  Marc Vicarey and Matthew Cheese. They used the bespoke rolled Bazza Baits as their main approach of attack and oh boy did it deliver.


In the 4 days they fished our lake the managed to bank a stunning 24 carp equally divided between them. Needless to say they left as very happy anglers and will return later this year with a larger group. Well done guys.

April 2016 - An old friend


From the 12th until the 16th of April we had a lovely surprise when our old friend Edwin Bosveld arrived at our lake to fish with us for a couple of days. We had been expecting a friend of Sander but Edwin arranged with Sander to book him in to be able to surprise us and my word he did.  


We met Edwin 23 years ago at a lake in Northern France and have kept in contact since but never met up face to face again until this week. Edwin has not lost his touch of bringing carp on to the bank as he had a great few days with fish to 38lb9oz.

April 2016 - Going Dutch


From the 2nd until the 9th of April we had a lake exclusive. Yorick Modderman, Jeffrey and Mario Hoekstra, Nick Spin and Roel Groote successfully managed to catch 17 fish during their stay fishing in less favourable conditions as temperatures plummeted during some nights making water temperatures drop to as low as 8 degrees Celsius from around 15 degrees at the start of the week.


The boys managed an average fish size of over 30 lbs with two 17.5 kg / 38.5 lbs fish to be the biggest of a tricky week, well done.

April 2016 - Webmaster vs Bazza


Finally, after a lot of hard work on our website the webmaster aka The Fishing Dutchman visited us for a well-earned week of Easter fishing. We knew it would not be easy with heavy rain and storms forecasted including hail and night temperatures around the 0 degree mark. However, as usual this did not stop Richard and Barry to drop a few sarcastic comments into the equation.


After a warm welcome cup of hot brew the fishing battle could commence. The golden tip from Barry was to use only high quality bait due to the vast amount of natural food in the lake. We used several types / brands of boilies and not surprisingly all besides one were caught on the "Bazza" bait which Barry rolled himself. Therefore, please do get in contact with Barry and Yve to discuss your bait approach as they know their lake inside and out and know what will work for you during your week of fishing.


We had a great time and Yve is a wonderful cook feeding us daily with some great homemade grub ranging from Shepherd's pie to a Sunday roast not to forget the scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages in the morning with some toast. More importantly, how did we get on with the fishing that week? We had 11 fish between us with the first three 40 pounders of the season coming out of the lake which is great news and also proof that the fish are fast growing and healthy as the fish fight unbelievably hard. 

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