Catch Report 2017

April 2017 - a quick visit

Webmaster Richard came down for a few days with his friend Steve to enjoy themselves and make some new pictures and film clips for the website. During the night temperatures dropped to -6 so it was not the best circumstances to fish. However, they listened to Barry and strategically placed their baits armed with a Bazza  boilie and managed to catch 7 carp and went home happy. 

April 2017 - Friends return yet again for the 3rd time

During week 5 Marc and Matthew returned to our lake for the 3rd time and yet again smashed it with 24 fish in total. All of Marc's fish were above 30 pounds which is simply amazing. We cannot wait for the lads to return later this year. Well done guys. Note: all fish were caught on the bespoke rolled Bazza bait. Yet another indication that Barry's bait simply does the business on his lake.

April 2017 - Yve is on the fish

Yve fished a couple of evenings, nights and mornings and oh boy she did not disappoint us with 12 fish in 4 days with 9 fish over 30 pounds and one new 40 pounder as well. Well done Yve. I am sure Bazza wasn't smiling at the other side of the camera ;-) And  again all fish were caught on the bespoke rolled Bazza bait.