Catch Report 2018

The fish keep coming - 55 carp caught (21 April - 28 april week4)

Week 4 was a Dutch week with a family group using the chalet and our old friend Edwin and his fishing friend Robbie.
Jeroen caught a fish of 34lb1oz on his birthday and then waited until the last day to catch two more 30's. He was in swim 2 with Dennis and Willem fished from the Jetty and Jan from swim 7. Ewald didn't fish as he came to enjoy walks in the countryside and to cook for the family.
Edwin and Robbie did a short week of Sunday to Friday morning and Robbie strted in swim 4 but moved to swim 6. Edwin had swim 5 and had 17 carp to 37lb12oz and the smallest was 22lb.
55 carp were landed this week including 15 x 20's and 27 x 30's to 37lb12oz.

Amazing week - 81 carp caught (14 April - 21 april week3)

Another amazing week at Barrington’s Lake. The 2 English anglers, 2 Belgian and 1 Dutch angler caught 81 carp weighing a total of 1,891lb2oz. The heaviest was a 41lb12oz mirror for Lee in swim 7 and just one of his 26 carp landed and Madé landed 18 carp from swim 4 including 2 forties of 40lb3oz and  40lb11oz. Luke fished swim 2 and landed 21 carp to 37lb.
Brothers Istvan and Nathan came for a Superweekend and fished swim 6. They had 14 of our new commons all between 5 & 7 kilograms.
The weather was glorious and perfect for outside dining.

april 2018 - a Wopping +1000lb catch (7 - 14 April week2)

Week 2 was an Angling Lines exclusive of four friends, Peter and his son Rob, Dan and Steve. They fished from swims 2, 3, 5 & 6 and kept the fish moving around the lake. During the week they landed a stunning 45 carp to 36lb4oz including seventeen 30’s and thirteen 20’s with a total weight of a stunning 1086LP6oz / 490kg. Steve had a new personal best common of 30lb12oz. Dan was top rod with 16 carp and the 36lb4oz mirror. A very good week and they were great company. We were all able to eat outside on a couple of evenings as the weather was quite nice. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

april 2018 - Season opening week(1 - 7 April week1)

Week 1 saw a Superweekend of 3 anglers and their friend from Germany who took the photos. They fished in Swim 5 & 6 but then Martin moved to Swim 4 and caught his 3 fish. Peter and Glenn were in Swim 6 and had 2 carp each. The weather was challenging with cold winds and heavy rain.
John and his young son Finlay stayed in the chalet for the week. It was half term so they spent several days exploring the area, shopping and eating out. Fin enjoyed fishing for the pike and tench whilst waiting for a carp but they only fished for two of the nights. They both caught one of our new commons.