Catch Report 2019

Welcome back and wrangling a wheelchair

(Week 21 24 - 31 August)

This week, father and son, Tim and Dan returned to Barrington's and fished from swim 3. Despite the temperatures being in the 30's all week, they landed 12 carp including a 34lb Grass carp ans 2 other 30lb+ mirrors.
Our Belgian friend Frank and his wife Patricia stayed in the chalet for the week. We used to fish in Belgium, France and Luxembourg every year with them when we all somewhat younger. Frank in his 'heyday' was a top Belgian carp angler and his photo was on the cover of the Benelux magazine Beet in 1988.

Frank hasn't fished for carp for 11 years since being diagnosed with MS. After coming to terms with his disability, he started match fishing from his wheelchair every week at some of the local clubs.
We took the ramps from our trailer to give access to the veranda, put blocks of wood under the feet of the bed to raise it to the height of the wheelchair and put grab handles in the shower. Barry helped Patricia with lifting the wheelchair over the threshold of the chalet and placing him on the boards of the swim.

Frank fished during the days in the Chalet swim under an umbrella and used Barry's rods as he only has match gear now. He used his own bait, which is similar to our Bazza Bait apart from the flavours as he and Barry designed the base mix together over 25 years ago.
From this swim and with Franks boilies, Barry has 2 30lb+ carp during the nights and on Wednesday afternoon, Frank caught a 37lb common. Barry laid the cradle on Franks lap and took some photos of his first carp for 11 years.
It was a tiring but happy week seeing Tim and Dan again and also spending some quality time with Frank and Patricia.

Work Party week Lily pads and sunken wood (10 - 17 august)

Daz, Barry and Sander spent the week clearing lily pads from the area between swim 3 and the inlet and also removing the little clusters of them from in front of various swims. They used dustbins to move the debris and special tools to dig up the roots. They also found several bits of wood from in front of swim 1 that had been left there by the people who had done the initial work on the lake when it was drained. We did not know that they were there.

Priscilla and Yve also got in the water in waders and cleared some water plants from in front of swims 6 and 7.
Daz landed 25 carp from swim 5 but he was fishing only at night and didn't take any photos. Sander had an 8kg carp from swim 2.
Thank you to all of our helpers and see you soon.