Barry and Yve have been fishing for over 40 years and during that time have been experimenting with making their own bait. From the banks of the river Lot in southern France to many lake shores in England, Belgium, Luxembourg and  France they have all seen their bait. Their knowledge about bait and especially the bait making process is second to none. Over the last few decades their ingredients mix has been redefined and fine tuned to outwit even the most cautious carp resulting in catches to over 50 pounds and trust me I have seen it in action many times catching carp in the most challenging circumstances were others have failed.

Your bait will be freshly rolled by Barry and Yve so it will be top fresh when you arrive at the lake. I have witnessed and assisted in making these baits and they are of a top quality. The ingredients used will ensure the fish will see the boilies as a natural food source which, at Barrington's with the level of natural food available, is a must to catch the stunning carp lurking in the deep. So do not debate get on Bazza's Bait.

Bazza's bait

The bait making process