Toilets and shower - There is a spacious toilet and shower room adjacent to the car park for the use of the anglers and an additional toilet room.


Electricity - There are USB chargers in the outside kitchen for the re-charging of phones, tablets, e-readers etc. As we run on a solar powered 12 volt system, any other batteries can be charged overnight at our home. 


The Lodge - We have a  lodge with a kitchen, dining room and veranda. We also installed a wood burner so you can warm up, if necessary, during those chilly mornings or evenings especially in the winter time. An additional bonus is that it will ensure you can have your meals in a nice comfortable setting. The Lodge also has a 40 litre gas fridge on the veranda. The Lodge is available to rent and can sleep 4 with 2 single beds in the bedroom and a double sofa bed in the lounge area.

Refrigeration - If you need anything to be kept temporarily in the freezer, we can take it to the one at our home.

Outside kitchen - situated between the shower room and the additional toilet, there is a sink unit with hot and cold running water, a work surface, a 40 litre gas fridge and a gas cooker available for the use of anglers. This is also the kitchen that we use when the chalet is rented out and we are providing the food package for the anglers.

Dining Room - we have built a dining room adjacent to the outside kitchen and The Lodge so that anglers can still enjoy the food package even if The Lodge has been rented to other anglers.