Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first time carp angler. What tackle should I bring?



It has come to our attention that on at least two occasions this season, tackle shops have sold anglers inappropriate tackle (rods, reels, line and alarms etc) to cope with the larger fish. We will not mention the names of either the shops involved or the manufacturers of equipment. It is unbelievable why people would ask their local tackle shops for advice on equipment needed to fish a lake in France that they obviously have never seen, let alone fished. We are happy to help with advice on what tackle is needed. Tackle shops will sell anglers any old tackle. There are no 2 lakes the same anywhere, let alone in France and believe us, we have fished many.
You are better off buying good quality used tackle if you are inexperienced, then if you decide carp fishing is not your thing, it can be sold again for little loss, whereas if you purchase cheap, nasty tackle it will only be good for the bin. We have found many cheap bits of tackle thrown in our bins at the end of peoples’ holidays.
People should ask us what will be needed for their trip.
We will soon be hiring tackle to save anglers and us the trouble of dealing with the many problems that arise from not having adequate equipment.

Are weigh slings and unhooking mats / cradles provided?

We have invested in AVID "Any Level" Carp cradles and a variety of weigh slings for each swim and for the safety of our carp. These will be checked out at the start of your stay and checked at the end. Any deliberate damage to the equipment will be charged for.

Are any landing nets provided?

Yes, we have purchased the AVID 42" landing nets for use by our guests. This avoids the dipping in anti bacterial liquid of your own nets. FROM THE 2020 SEASON WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING THE USE OF LANDING NETS SO PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN.

What size scales should I have?

We suggest a minimum of 60lbs / 27kg for this season.

Can I bring my own particles?

No, all particles must be purchased from us so that we can be sure that they have been prepared correctly and will not damage our fish. We do not recommend the use of particles.

What is the best bait to use?

A question that is often asked on any lake. We advise you to use our bespoke rolled "Bazza" baits which the fish are used to and which are full of ingredients that will stimulate feeding and growth of our carp. The catch rate on these boilies are significantly better compared to other baits used on our lake. However, if you prefer to use your own boilies, only a good quality freezer bait should be used as 'shelf life ready mades' are not welcome on Barrington's Lake.

For advice on what commercial boilies have a good catch record on this lake please private message Barry or Yve.

Are bait boats allowed?

Bait boats are allowed on our lake however, please stay within your fishing boundary and do not drive your bait boat more than halfway across the lake. When in doubt please ask Barry or Yve. We also rent out bait boats if you forgot to bring your own or don't have room in your vehicle to bring one with you.

Are there cooking facilities on site?

We have an outside kitchen with a work surface and sink with hot and cold running water adjacent to the shower/toilet room. There is a gas cooker there that you can use if you wish. There is also a BBQ in front of the Chalet which is for the anglers use. The outside kitchen has a small 40 litre gas fridge for anglers to keep their fresh food and beer in. 

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