Catch Report 2019

French re-visit (Week 16 20 - 27 july)

David returned to Barrington's with his mother and youngest daughter. This was one of the hottest weeks of the year with temperatures in the high 30's rising to 42 on Thursday and Friday. There were some spectacular sunsets too.

They had the chalet and David fished from swim 7 and landed 2 carp to 20lb 14oz, a beautiful fully scaled mirror and a nice common.

Due to the high temperatures which his mother found challenging they went home on Wednesday to avoid the really high temperatures forecast for the rest of the week. He intends to return again during a cooler part of the year.

Family fishing and personmal best (Week 15 13 - 20 july)

Father and son duo Frazer and Frazer started the week in swim 2 where they caught 2 x 17lb commons and a 13lb mirror. They moved to swims 5 & 6 midweek and had 3 double commons and a new PB 33lb 4oz common for Frazer Junior.

Overall they had 7 fish in challenging conditions