Catch Report 2019

Personal bests and the heatwave (Week 12 22 - 29 june)

This week we had Ray and Dave arrive for their first fishing trip to France. It was a very hot week and the temperatures were constantly in the 30's going up to 39 degrees.

They accepted our help with fishing advice and landed 9 carp to 33lb including personal bests for them both. They both used the lakes own Bazza Baits and fished swims 2 and 5. Dave's new personal best came on the final morning and he went into the lake to return 33lb Raggedy and have pictures taken.

It was a very sociable week as they had the food package and we all ate on the veranda sheltered by the new, much needed, awning.

A Dutch reunion (Week 11 15 - 22 june)

Our first ever visitors returned to Barrington's this week. It was later in the year and hotter than their previous visit which was April 2016.
One night the air pressure dropped and they landed 4 fish between 3am and 7.45 am but most of the week it was too hot and the fish stayed within the lily pads to keep cool.

We had a good social week with Mario, his son's Jeffery and Remco,
and their friends Yorick, Roel and Nick. Lots of food, laughter and conversation, a BBQ on Wednesday evening and Marco's special soup on the Saturday.

Jeffery landed a 17lb9oz common on the last night at about 3am. It was great to see you all again and to meet Remco

Multi national week (Week 10 8 - 15 june)

We had a French couple for the weekend, David and Fernanda, who fished in swim 5. They were unlucky as the fish were not on the feed but still splashing around between swim 4 and the inlet. They enjoyed the location and have booked to return in July with their family.

There was also a group of 3 Germans for a long weekend who wanted a social in swim 2, Julian, Marco and their friend. Sadly, they also had no fish.

Luke and Rod from the UK had the chalet and fished the Chalet swim and swim 7. Towards the end of the week they winkled out 6 carp, 3 each. They also have booked to return but at the end of March 2020.

Stormy weather and caretakers (Week 9 1 - 8 june)

Former French lake owner and friend, John, came to look after our lake for a week to give us a break after a few busy weeks. He brought Dave, Pete and Brian to keep him company.

John fished swim 6 and then swim 3 during the week and landed 11 carp to 35lb. Dave fished swim 5 and had 16 carp to 36lb6oz. Pete had a new personal best of 28lb6oz from swim 2. The carp are still mostly in the shallows eating tadpoles but have been coming out at night and 18 of the fish were caught between 2100 hours and 0900 hours.

During the week the weather was still changeable, sunny one day and chilly the next, but there were two nights of strong winds and thunder and lightning.