Catch Report 2017

May 2017 - Brother & Sister fishing trip

Roy and his sister Mandy fished several swims around the lake during their visit pre-baiting swims with Bazza bait prior to moving swim which occurred to be a great tactic. They landed 18 carp to 37lb6oz (17kg) including a 26lb6oz grass carp.

May 2017 - Another new 40+ (43lb 11 0z - 19.82KG)

Seasoned anglers, Roger and Brian fished swims 2 & 3 and despite the fish spawning that week, they caught 14 carp to 43lb 11oz.

May 2017 - Angler's Against Cancer and Dad's and lads week

Father and son duo Alan and Buster fished from swims 4 & 5 and then 5 & 6 during the week and Buster was top rod with 8 fish, including a personal best common of 33lb10oz and a personal best mirror of 34lb4oz. They had three grass carp between them too.

Also on the lake was Andy Don and his friend Tony. Andy had won the weeks fishing for two at the Angler's Against Cancer auction last September which we had donated to the charity. Andy landed 6 fish to34lb4oz and Tony landed 5 fish including a 24lb5oz grass carp.

May 2017 - Stag Do success with another 40+ pounder

'Graham, Paul, Steve and Ian came to Barrington's Lake as a lake exclusive for Graham's 'stag-do'. They fished all around the lake during the week and included a bit of stalking and had 17 carp to 41lb2oz.'