Catch Report 2018

bazza bait success - (19 may - 26 may week8)

Rikki, his son Ben and their friend Gary rented the chalet and fished from several swims during their week. Only Ben fished at night. There were 18 carp landed to 37lb2oz which were caught using our Bazza bait and short hook links.

Tough session - (12 may - 19 may week7)

Week 7 started with an Angling Lines exclusive weekend for 4 workmates. Chris, Roger, Frank and Steve fished during the days from swims 2, 3, 5 and 7 and caught 8 carp between them including a new personal best for Chris (34lb), Steve (33lb8oz) and Frank (14lb). They had dreadful weather including thunderstorms on Saturday and Monday nights and it rained most of the time but they remained cheerful.
After they went home on Tuesday, our friends Daz and Julie arrived with a grocery delivery of English bacon, sausages and baked beans. We provide a food package option and we need a regular supply for the cooked breakfasts. They looked after the lake for us so we could have a couple of days away and it was lovely to spend some time with them too. Daz stalked swim 3 on Thursday and within an hour he caught a 40lb12oz mirror and a 30lb12oz common. In total Daz had 8 carp.

may 2018 - the week of the thirties (5 - 12 may week 6)

For week 6 we had a Superweekend for 3 friends, Rene, Boy and Max together with three brothers, Gary, John and Mick. Between them they decided to split the lake in half and drew for which half. The friends had swims 4, 5 & 6 and the brothers had 7, 1 and 2. They agreed if someone was struggling then they could move to swim 3. Everybody got on really well and mealtimes were fun.
Boy moved to swim 3 for his last night and caught 2 mirrors of 36lb4oz and 27lb14oz.
On Wednesday Gary moved into swim 3 and caught 4 x thirties and a 12lb common. Gary had a 38lb personal best mirror.
During the week there were 13 thirties to 38lb and everyone had at least one thirty.

Stormy week  - 62 carp caught (30 April - 5 May week5)

Week 5 and we were visited by our friend John who recently sold his own French lake. We used to keep an eye on it for him. We had plans to be out and about, visiting our webmaster who was fishing a canal further down in France and making Bait. John was going to look after our lake with 5 of his fishing buddies.
Our plans went awry when we found an SOS on Facebook from Pascale of the Goncourt complex.
We had strong winds on Sunday but Pascale had a hurricane hit some of her lakes. Barry and John went with a chainsaw and waders to help with the clear up on Monday, along with the anglers and some other lake owners.
John and Dave J did really well in swims 5 & 6 but Damian and Tony didn't do so well in swim 2. Maybe the bait boat was a problem? Fred and Dave A had several carp in swim 7. The weather became warmer as the week went on.
Altogether there were 62 carp landed including 3 x 40's.