Catch Report 2019

Personal best and tadpole feast (Week 8 25 - 1 june)

Robert and Dave fished from swim 3 and landed 12 fish between them to 32lb. One of the mirrors caught by Robert had a missing pec and has been called Nemo and came out at 32lb. During the week, they could see the carp milling around in the shallows eating tadpoles.

Paul fished from swim 5 and landed 5 carp to 33lb10oz including a stunning mirror of 31lb9oz that he named Necklace due to the scales behind the head. Denise fished from swim 6 and had 2 personal bests during the week - a 23lb10oz common followed by another common of 25lb10oz as well as two doubles.

Paul and Denise were accompanied by their non angler friend, Amy.

some fish spawning but 27 fish landed (Week 6 & 7 11-25 May)

Week 6 and 7 - Andy, Chris, Karl and Pops came for week 6 and fished swims 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7. Pops only fished during the day and had two good sized tench from swim 1. Eleven carp came out to 34lb. 

Week 7 saw the return of Graham, his brother Paul and their friend Ian. They fished swims 3, 4 and 5 and landed 16 fish to 33lb8oz despite the fish milling about up the shallow end waiting to spawn.

Return of work colleagues (Week 5: 4-11 May)

Week 5 saw the return of work colleagues Chris, Roger, Steve and Frank to Barrington's. They stayed in the Chalet and only Chris fished through the night in swim 2 and was rewarded with 10 fish to 34lb including a 33lb, 2 x 29lb and 5 doubles.

Roger had a new personal best of 39lb3oz from swim 7 as well as a 34lb4oz, a 31lb1oz and a couple of doubles. Steve in swim 3 had a 33lb and a double. Frank fished during the day on the new Chalet swim but was unfortunate this time.