Catch Report 2019

English and Dutch week (Week 28 12 - 19 october)

Michael and Dan returned and fished swims 5 & 6. Dan landed 2 carp to 32lb4oz and Michael landed 3 carp to 27lb.

Dave came for his second trip and this time brought his brother Nick. They fished swim 3 and landed 6 carp to 34lb2oz. Nick had one of the mirrors that we put in during the winter, a beautiful fully scaled mirror of 6kg.

Returning anglers week (Week 27 5 - 12 october)

Lee and Judith and Luke returned to Barrington's this week along with Lee's friend Alfie. Conditions were challenging and they landed 16 carp to 34lb12oz which was a new personal best for Judith.

Neil's birthday (50) - (Week 26 28 September - 5 October)

This week we had 7 anglers who landed 24 carp to 39lb11oz. They were here as part of Neil's 50th birthday celebrations.

Ben was top rod with 12 carp to his new personal best of 39lb11oz.

Dale had never fished in France before and had a new personal best of 27lb8oz.