Our fish

In the winter of 2014 we finished creating the islands and all of the swims around the lake and after we resurfaced the access road we filled up the lake with water from the natural spring. Finally, we introduced the first tranche of fish in January 2015. This first batch consisted of some stunning mirrors and commons which were all handpicked by us for their growth rate and beautiful scale patterns.


These carp were all between 10 and 20 kilograms (between 22 and 44lbs). Now, (May 2017) we have cross referenced the latest catches with the weights of the fish when they were first introduced and we were amazed about the growth rate of some of our carp. Most of the carp had grown on average between 7 and 10 pounds within 2 years which is simply incredible. However, looking at the abundance of natural food in the lake it is not surprising that our carp have packed on the weight as they have done.

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