Catch Report 2018

2 new personal best (29 - 6 oktober week 27)

Week 27 and Ivo and Gert visited for the first time from The Netherlands and also Daz and Byron returned from the UK. 
Ivo and Gert started the week in swim 2 and ended it in swims 5 and 6. Daz started in swim 5 and then moved to swim 3. Byron fished from the island in swim 7.  There were 17 carp landed including 2 new personal bests - a 17kg (37lb6oz) for Gert and a 31lb12oz common for Daz. 
A lot of fun was had by us all this week, especially at meal times.

3rd visit for Paul and BEccy(22 - 29 september week 26)

Week 26 saw the return of Paul and Beccy for the third year running. We also celebrated Beccy's birthday with a BBQ and champagne during the week. On the Sunday afternoon we had a very impressive storm with rain coming down in sheets and obscuring the opposite bank, acorns and leaves flying about and the odd branch falling in the forest. It put about 3 inches back into the lake. 
Paul fished swim 2 again and landed 10 carp to 30lb5oz and lost 2 others. The fish fought nicely in the water and when returned, they swam off vigorously. The majority of the fish are still coming during the evening, night or early morning.