Catch Report 2019

Early birthday fishing party (Week 25 21 - 28 september)

A group of 6 friends visited this week (Dave, Kev, Martin, Ian, Steve and Jason) and fished all around the lake and landed 25 carp to 36lb8oz. Eight of the fish were over 30lb.

Jason had one fish in swim 7 and then moved to swim 6 where he landed a further six carp, 4 of which were 30's.

Martin fished swim 2 and landed 6 carp to 32lb.

Dutch and English week (Week 24 14 - 21 september)

This week Harry and Petra (and Luca the dog) and Ivo and Gert returned to Barrington's. Harry and Petra fished swim 5 using a Dutch bait and landed 3 carp to 35lb3oz,

Ivo and Gert fished swims 2 & 3 using Bazza boilies and landed 10 carp to 33lb. Ivo caught the Christmas Common at 30lb from swim 3.

In the Chalet were Ian and Amy from the UK, who fished the Chalet swim and part of swim's 7 water and also used Bazza boilies. Amy caught Raggedy at 31lb and Ian caught 4 carp to 23lb9oz. It was a lovely sociable week with lots of good conversations around the dining table.

Husband and wife exclusive (week 23 7 - 14 september)

John and Ann fished from swim 2 and John landed 15 carp to 37lb5oz including 8 x 30lbers.

The weather was overcast during the week but no rain.

This was their first week of a two lake fishing holiday and a good start to their campaign.

(week 22 31 -8  - 7 september)