The Lake

Our lake is 8 acres and consists of 7 spacious swims with 4 double swims for anglers who want to combine their fishing with a social and 3 single swims for the angler who prefers a more stealthy approach to their angling. You can park near to swims 1 & 7 and we offer a transfer by boat to the other swims for all of your gear from the jetty in front of the Lodge. 

The lake bed is blue clay and there are some patches of weed and a few beds of lily pads which are great holding areas for carp. The fish come through the weed easily if you don't tug at them. There are about 170 carp (common, mirror and grass) to 46lb (+23 kg) and they are growing fast as some of the initial stock have already gained over 8-10 pounds of weight within the last 2 years. 


The water is very clear and has lots of natural food for the carp due to not overstocking. Please have a look at the images and videos below which will give you a good indication what our lake is all about.

If you want more details on any of the swims please go to the swim pages .